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The colon, bowel or large intestine plays a important role in health and vitality, carrying out a range of different functions that keep you fit and well.

These functions include the final stages of the process of digestion, absorbing water and nutrients in addition to producing certain vitamins. In addition, the colon plays a major role in eliminating food from the body along with other harmful waste products and in turn, helps prevent disease and infection.

In a normal, fully working colon, all of these functions are aided by 'friendly bacteria' that work with the body to prevent disease. However, the fragile balance between the good bacteria and the environment they live in (the colon) can easily be disturbed, resulting in a decline in health.

The effects on a toxic bowel can be seen throughout society, resulting in a range of health problems. Some of the health problems include discomfort and chronic pain, ranging right through to life-threatening illness in the worst cases.

Factors that can disturb the ecosystem include poor diet, stress, pollution, smoking, drugs and exposure to toxins. This type of imbalance in the colon can result in a number of health problems and complications including Irritable Bowel Disease/Syndrome (IBD / IBS), Crohn's Disease, Yeast Infections (Candida) and Colitis.

How can Colonic Hydrotherapy help?

Colonic hydrotherapy has a number of benefits that goes much further than just washing the colon.

The benefits of colonic hydrotherapy include increased energy and a clearer mind and can help relive people that suffer from headaches. Other effects include immune benefits, better circulation. As you might expect, cleaning the colon can have significant benefits for people with weight problems. People that have a course of colonics treatment, often find it easier to reduce and maintain body weight.

However, a benefit that comes as a surprise to many people is in the health of the skin. Many people find their skin condition and complexion improving drastically following colonic hydrotherapy.

Detoxifying the colon can also help the efficacy of other natural and alternative therapy treatments. As a result, many people receiving treatments from herbalists, acupuncturists and homeopaths are referred to colonic practitioners as part of their overall treatment.

How many treatments will be required?

The number of treatments you require depends upon your individual case. You will receive advice on this at the time of you first consultation with your hydrotherapist. Typically, courses may range from just a single one-off treatment to a number of treatments over a period of months. After a course of colonic treatments, it may be that you are recommended a maintenance or preventative treatment to continue, perhaps once every few months.

Is colonic hydrotherapy safe?

Yes, colonic hydrotherapy is completely safe. The water used is purified and introduced into the colon under low pressure (gravity fed). No electronically enhanced equipment is used, which means that you will not be in any danger with regard to bowel perforation.

You can also be assured that all equipment used is disinfected. The cleaning process is rigorous and uses hospital approved disinfecting solutions. This cleaning kills all bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Unlike the use of laxatives, Colonic hydrotherapy does not result in any habit formation and actually helps to improve your colon's tone.

Colon Hydrotherapist Training

Colon Hydrotherapists should be fully trained by an approved Colonic Hydrotherapy training college and therefore can be visited with confidence.

A practitioner must have been either trained and experienced in regular medicine (for example, a dentist, doctor or nurse), or have had a full training in physiology and anatomy as well as extensive experience before being accepted for training.