Good Food


It is important to maintain a balanced diet, when I say balanced I mean you should be eating plenty of fresh foods made from scratch that you have prepared, that way you will know exactly what you are putting into your body.

Fresh fruit and vegetables baked or steamed, you should be eating plenty of chicken turkey or white meats as they are easier to digest than red meats, red meat should only be eaten once a week.

Try to include lots of pulses, lentils they are very high in protein but with little or no fat.If you do fry anything please ensure that you use olive oil or butter as other oils tend to oxidize when they reach a certain temperature. Avoid takeaways and processed foods and do not be fooled by labels "healthy options" or "no added sugar". Processed meals are packed with toxins that your body does not require, such as artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

Another substance to avoid is artificial sweeteners- these labelled as Aspartame, many of my clients have changed from using this product and have discovered that the bloating they had has minimized. If you need a sweet fix then eat fresh fruit as the sugars you are getting are natural sugars known as fructose, or use a little bit of honey. Refined sugars are not a good idea.

Eat plenty of whole grains but avoid processed bread this can be a cause of bloating, if you want to replace it with something different then wholemeal pita breads are better as they contain no or little yeast or tortilla wraps but soar dough or rye bread is okay.

The most important part of our daily routine must be to drink plenty of water, as tea and coffee can bloke the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals.